LaPorte Asset Allocation Software and Hedge Fund Data

Discover the Best Managers or Funds
LaPorte gives you the statistical tools to find investments with just the right mix of return and risk. No single statistic can do it all. That's why we have over 105 statistical measures to help you sort out which investments meet your requirements. You have your choice of statistical tables or graphs. You can even have rolling window graphs that show you how stable any particular statistic has been. Whether you want your statistics absolute, relative to a benchmark or relative to a universe on a percentile basis, LaPorte can do them all. No other investment analysis tool has this kind of power.

Build Optimized Portfolios
Deciding how to allocate capital to investments is a compromise between reward and potential regret. Higher return portfolios normally come at the expense of higher risk. LaPorte helps you deal with this trade-off in a quantitative fashion. Modern Portfolio Theory not only suggests how much to allocate to each investment, but it also provides a rationale why some investments considered should not get any allocation at all. Having a strong quantitative process to assist you in portfolio building gives you more confidence about future portfolio performance.

Deal with Investment Risk
The risk of bad investment performance is a universal fear. But deciding how to quantify the risk of bad performance is not intuitively obvious. Traditionally, standard deviation has been employed as the measure of risk. But, few investors think of risk in terms of performance volatility. Strings of losses or a low return in a future year weighs much heavier on their minds. LaPorte helps you evaluate these alternative risk concepts and many others. Risk is the probability of some bad future event and LaPorte calculates these probabilities for you.

Determine How Much to Leverage Your Portfolio
Some investment portfolios may be successfully leveraged up by the use of borrowing. LaPorte provides you with a tool for deciding whether leveraging is an acceptable alternative. Leveraging is simply another unknown in the optimization process that can be determined as part of the risk/return tradeoff. Sometimes it can be shown that leveraging not only increases expected return but can also lead to a reduction in portfolio risk as well. For more information about this seeming contradiction, see the Borrow-to-Leverage paper in the Download Zone.
(Click here to download the borrow-to-leverage tehnical paper.)

Track Your Portfolio's Performance
Determining your portfolios asset allocation is important, but the process of investment management does not end there. Monitoring how your portfolio is doing and comparing its performance to suitable benchmarks is also important. Know if your portfolio is achieving its goals by comparing your portfolio and its components against pre-selected benchmarks. LaPorte's new Portfolio Tracking Report lets you decide which benchmarks are apropos and which statistics should be monitored. The structure of the report is designed by you and can be run every month.

Prepare Marketing Materials
LaPorte's superb reports and graphics can be used to generate statistics, tables or graphs to include in your marketing materials. You can export LaPorte's output to be used in popular word processing or spreadsheet programs. This gives you state-of-the-art imagery to include in prospectuses, brochures or equity statements.

Prepare Presentations
If you need to prepare slide-show style presentations, LaPorte's ability to export picture files to presentation software packages makes the process easy. LaPorte's graphs interface perfectly with packages such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

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