Page Composition - Create Custom Marketing Materials
Compose your own report page containing any of LaPorte's graphs, customized statistical tables, paragraphs of descriptive text and your favorite pictures. Create several reports, each with a different purpose and LaPorte will save the format to be re-used again. Apply the same report format to one or more funds or managers, for inclusion in your marketing materials or prospectus.
 Statistical graphs and tables using 100+ statistics
 Custom disclaimers, logos, graphics and watermarks
 Fund Overviews, Stragety Descriptions, or text of your choice
Click here for more details and some samples!
Index Database
The index database is included free with the LaPorte software and includes 500+ indices. Equity indices, fixed-income indices and exchange rates are available. Sizable databases have been combined into one database for your use from the following sources:
 Merrill Lynch (data beginning 1985)
 Frank Russell (data beginning 1979)
 Wilshire (data beginning 1978)


Fast-Trak Benchmark Tracking Report
Track your portfolio against a series of benchmarks, all at the same time. Select a benchmark to represent each investment category of your portfolio. Then track how your portfolio would have done if the capital had been given to the benchmarks as well as to the investments.
 Compare one or more investments versus each benchmark.
 Performance by category for actual portfolio and for benchmarks.
 Monitor investment additions, withdrawals, profits and fees.
 Track investments and benchmarks using LaPorte's 105 statistics.
(Click here to see a sample of the Tracking Report)

Regression Graph Showing Alpha and Beta
LaPorte’s latest graph shows you a plot of the monthly performance of one investment versus another (or against a benchmark, if you choose). The Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) statistics of Alpha Beta and R-squared are printed on the page along with the regression line. This graph helps you determine whether two investments are moving up and down together.
(Click here to see a sample Alpha-Beta graph).

Easier Import of Subscription Data
Updating your LaPorte data subscriptions has been made even easier. Simply point and click and LaPorte does the rest. Even when you are updating via the internet, you simply select what you want to update and LaPorte takes over.
More Statistical Measures
Continuing the LaPorte tradition of having the largest number of statistical measures among all asset allocation systems, we have recently added the following statistics for reporting and graphical purposes, bringing the total number of statistics to 105.
 Net profit/Loss.
 Net additions and withdrawals.
 Sharpe ratio relative to an index.
 Beginning, ending or average NAV.
 Beginning, ending or average Dollars.
 Residual error of the fit associated with the alpha-beta regression.

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