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Asset Allocation System



  Maintain investment performance databases.
  Search to find the best performing investments.
  Optimize asset allocations for funds or indices.
  Plot your favorite graphs.
  Generate detailed statistical reports.

Databases Available

  Hedge fund database.
  Commodity Trading Advisor database.
  Investment index database.

What You Can Accomplish

  Identify the best funds and managers.
  Decide optimum allocations to give investments.
  Determine how much to leverage up a portfolio.
  Find performance history for any investment mix.
  Prepare graphs and reports to use for marketing.

Unique LaPorte Features

  Run searches using 105 statistical measures.
  Sort reports by any factor you choose.
  Import/Export data to other software packages.
  Optimize for downside risk or probability of loss.
  Track portfolios against multiple benchmarks.


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